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About Us

KJ Investment is an investment company primarily in the form of equity stakes in African companies. It may also purchase bonds or stock-convertible options. Its interventions are in line with the standards of the financial professions in terms of prudence and safety.

The privileged relations of its leaders with the business world allow it to benefit from the support of the main players: sovereign wealth funds, Western investment funds, powerful industrial groups, financial institutions, private investors, business Angels, etc.

In terms of investment, KJ INVESTMENT intervenes directly through the use of its own resources. It can also intervene in association with other investors in two forms: mandate investors and self-employed investors.

Investors under mandate  

Investors under mandate entrust their funds to KJ INVESTMENT,  which combines them with its own resources to invest them. It is a kind of FCI (Common Investment Fund) managed under mandate by  KJ INVESTMENT. The role of partner  in funded projects  is  fully delegated to  KJ INVESTMENT. The remuneration of these investors’ funds is the same as the overall return  on  KJ INVESTMENT, in proportion to the KJ INVESTMENTremittance dates for  the last  fiscal year. The holdings are tradable, allowing investors, subject to an exit payment, to transfer their capital to other investors.

Autonomous Investors

Autonomous Investors, unlike under-mandate investors who delegate their roles as partners to KJ INVESTMENT, intervene in all stages of financing and then the study phase up to the start-up phase as well as the follow-up of funded projects. They invest directly as partners and exercise all rights and assume all the duties arising from their investments.

Investments target the main sectors of activity: agriculture, fisheries, health, training, tourism, industry, energy, new technologies, environment, transport.

Particular attention is paid to projects that will technically and technologically advance Africa to ensure their sustainability and promote them as examples to follow.

Our Strategy


In addition to direct contacts or via the website with investors and entrepreneurs, KJ INVESTMENT is partnering with key players working in Africa to access the best investment opportunities.

Its partnership with ODEPA is the perfect example of this approach. This organization, in addition to its action to promote good practices, mainly commercial in Africa, it is leading a commendable action of industrialization of the continent. His perfect view of all the projects in the making is an invaluable source for KJ INVESTMENT. In addition, ODEPA brings a core of high-end investors and industrialists who are of great interest to MAE as future partners.

KJ INVESTMENT will of course remain on the lookout and constantly lookings for opportunities to expand its circle of partners and to establish and expand its influence in its geographical area that is all of Africa.

KJ INVESTMENT is also in partnership with AFDEI, The Arab Union for Development, Integration and Economics is an Arab organization working within the scope of the Arab Economic Unity Council, emanating from the Arab League. The Union aims overall to accelerate the pace of sustainable Arab development approaches, through a number of sub-goals. Almtzmnh assists in effective Arab economic policy-making and in implementing the Arab League’s efforts to free Arab trade zone decisions, because the volume of Arab trade is high, and is placed within an integrative and developmentally meaningful and effective Arab plan in order to build an integrated Arab economy, a regional and global competitor and to raise the standard of living and well-being at the level of the Arab citizen.

Our Story

The company is in the start-up phase. Investments and key events will then be given year after year.

Our Management Team

Khaled Akid

Khaled Akid

President & Chairman

Khaled Akid is an experienced Entrepreneur who brings over 25 years experience in Technology, Finance and Business Administration.

He is presently President & Chairman of KJ HOLDINGS CORP, Chairman of the Board of PM&E Inc. (OTC: PMEA) and of SEILON Inc. (OTC: SEIL) and President & Chairman of KJ Holdings Corp. in Calgary.

He has held various executive positions in sales and management at technology and telecommunications companies across Europe and the United States i.e. President & CEO of Amitelo AG in Zurich / Switzerland, Executive VP of GNT Global Network Telephone in Frankfurt / Germany, Sales Director of CATEL Telecom AG in Frankfurt.

He has been the founder of several Start-up companies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to name a few: GlobalNET Beirut, MIDNET Beirut, SUN Telecom GmbH Frankfurt, SUNTEL Casablanca, Amitelo AG Zurich, and Yatinoo in Boston.

He has succeeded several listings of his own founded companies on several stock exchanges on the OTC Market, OTCBB and on the Entry Standard, Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He was instrumental in achieving record annual growth for GNT with sales of 5 million growing over 57 million Euros within 2 years of time Khaled Akid spent 7 years with the U.S. Department of Defense and its U.S. Contracting Command in Europe, where he managed procurement of $30 million USD in Augsburg.

Khaled Akid was educated at the ISG Institut Superieur de Gestion in Tunis / Tunisia and both the U.S. Army Defense Management College in Fort Lee, New Jersey and the U.S. Air Force University of Technology in Ohio.

He speaks fluently Arabic, French, English, German and basic Spanish.

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Jan Malkus

Jan Malkus

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Malkus is a successful serial entrepreneur born in Germany. After his study of information technology, he started his first international business venture in 1999, Global Network Telephone (GNT) which he sold in December 2000 (for a two-digit million number) to a stock listed company in Italy (Elios S.p.A.). After working for Elios S.p.A. for three year with businesses in more than twenty countries he decided to move to new challenges. He invested his own money in research and development of new technologies in the field of renewable energy.

“Today, for the first time in human history, we have the technology to turn back the clock on world pollution. Let us use it to make our world a better place for the next generations”.

He has been investing for more than 10 years in several disruptive technologies which will have a greater impact on producing green energy for competitive rates. The first of these products hit the markets in 2019.

Artjoms Voitovs

Artjoms Voitovs

Chief Investment Officer


Artjoms Voitovs joined Vastani Holding at the beginning of 2018 as a business development expert in the Eastern European market. After finishing his Bachelor of Finance he started with one of the largest Latvian private Bank. Working for six years in private wealth management department Artjoms has gained considerable expertise in banking, investments and financial products development.

His core expertise lays in the areas of investment strategy and private wealth management for high-net-worth individuals. He has vast experience in structured products and derivatives. Artjoms speaks Russian, English and German.

Niels Raeder

Niels Raeder

Chief Business Development Officer

Prior to becoming CEO of  German Blue Chip GmbH, Niels Raeder was CEO of Pyrolyx AG. For over 10 years, he grew this public German company in the field of sustainable technologies and engineering in industrial recycling of tires to one of the market leaders in this segment. He was born in Bonn and studied marketing and communications in Munich.

His expertise is business development and financing of mid-size companies. During the last 10 years he was responsible for several successful IPO’s in Germany and Australia as well as different bond financings in Europe and USA. He is continiously screening the development of new sustainable technologies which will help to improve the CO2-footprint of industrial production processes. 

Sven Eric Molzahn

Sven Eric Molzahn

Chief Financial Officer

After finishing his university degreed of business administration in Germany he gained his experience in financial controling including Deutsche Bank. During his carreer he worked for several international conglumerates (like Honeywell) in financial management positions and overlooking yearly revenues exceeding several billion USD. He has more than 25 years experience in financial controlling, budgeting, modelling and auditing including all filings for publicy listed entities.
Sven works independent, has strong leadership skills combined with a talent of business development. He will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating the financial business plans submitted to the funds as well as the quarterly and yearly reporting of the funds.